Fair Price Equestrian | Freejump SOFT'UP PRO Stirrups PREMIUM EDITION



FreeJump Soft'Up Pro Stirrups
• Tempered spring steel single-branch with extra high mechanical resistance (1200MPa)
• Elastollan® overmoulding
• Open eye for fastening to the single strap
• 45° angled eye for a perfect foot position
• Patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan® which helps free the foot in case of fall
• Extra wide tread made of Ixef® 1022 (fibreglass loaded polyarylamide)
• Elastomer grip
• Screw fastened protetive cover
• Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope
• Rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge for better lateral stability
• Exclusive LOOK CYCLE® technology nonslip studded tread surface
Designed for optimal use with the Fly'One Soft'Up Boots, Fly'Diamond Boots or Liberty Boots

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