Fair Price Equestrian | Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad



NEW Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad
The new style Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad is designed to promote circulation to help relieve stiffness, muscle soreness and increase the rate of healing in horses’ backs. Recommended for use as part of a back maintenance programme.
Contains 4 powerful VITAflex® magnets
Removable magnets stick easily to any part of the inner lining
Perfect for horses who are stiff, who suffer with a cold back or those in high levels of work
Effective, easy to use & comes with a modern & practical sports holdall
New longer length with removable quarters pad – fits a wide range of horses and ponies
Can be worn overnight or during the day in the stable
2 year product warranty
Tip: Combined use of the  Magnetic Back Pad overnight and the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad once a day can help to maintain a healthy back. Find out what’s best for your horse – Massage, Magnetic or Both?

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