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Eqyss Avocado Mist Detangler

This weightless detangler conditioner is both oil and silicone free. Unique amongst this type of product. Use wet and leave-on. With Avocado & Aloe Vera extracts it maintains the moisture balance of the hair preventing it from becoming dry and brittle. Anti-static for easy grooming and leaves a fabulous shine. Excellent for long haired breeds.

How to Apply

This product will allow easier grooming and will leave a shine and managable coat with a stunning smell better then Channel No5!. It can be used on a wet or dry coat and can be left on without rinsing. Avocado mist contains no silicone so will not leave a slippery, sticky unnatural feel, it can be sprayed all over the body without the worry of sliding saddles and slippery reins. With consistent use this product will enhance and condition dull brittle coats, tails and manes. It is also fabulous after clipping, if the horse has a chalky dry under coat you will be amazed with the difference this product can produce.

Apply Avocado Mist generously on coat daily or weekly or when desired. Leave on or rinse off.

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