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Eqyss Premier Cream Rinse and Detangler

Developed specifically to condition rough, dry, brittle hair and make tangles disappear. A rich combination of natural conditioning agents minimize flyaway hair, smoothing cuticles leaving hair soft and tangle free. No need to rinse shampoo first, can be used straight on top, making bathing quick and easy. Ideal for use on horses with dry, flaky skin having very effective moisturising properties. Premier Cream Rinse is a water based product and can be diluted to use as a spray as an all over body conditioner, great for recently clipped coats.

Directions for use:
After shampooing apply a small amount to the hair and rub through, no need to rinse shampoo first as can be applied straight on top, conditioning instantly. leave on for 2 - 3 minutes for deep conditioning. For best results use in conjunction with Premier Colour shampoo or Micro-Tek shampoo.

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