Fair Price Equestrian | Charles Owen Young Rider Skull Hat Round Head

Charles Owen



Charles Owen Young Rider Skull Hat Round Head

Dual standard protection, featuring ten ventilation holes for optimum breathability.

This deep fitting helmet is Pony Club approved

Not available in the USA.


  • Pony Club approved
  • Ten ventilation holes
  • Dual Standard and certified to PAS:015
  • VAT exempt

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Buying and fitting a child’s helmet

You can follow the same steps as above when measuring or fitting your child with a riding helmet, however there are a few extra important considerations.

Don’t be tempted into buying your child a helmet that’s a size too big so that it lasts longer. As with adults, a kid’s riding helmet must fit snug on their head for every ride otherwise it is simply not safe.

Children often wear riding helmets too loose which compromises the safety of the product. If possible, we recommend children are professionally fitted. At the very least parents should follow the steps above every time their child goes riding.

In particular, check the helmet is sitting level on your child’s head, not falling back or too far forward. Their forehead should be covered, about one inch above the eyebrows. Also ensure the harness is done up properly, but not too tight. You should be able to get a finger between their chin and the strap.

It’s a good idea to let your child choose the helmet they like best, as they are more likely to wear it properly, but always check it has the latest safety standards.

Most of our riding hats do come in small sizing but we also have a kids range specifically designed and engineered for them.

In the UK, kids riding helmets (55cm and below) are VAT free.

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