Fair Price Equestrian | Equilibrium Field Relief Detachable Nose Piece




Ideal for horses with pink or sensitive noses, who need UV protection, or those who are extremely sensitive to flies or midges around their muzzle. The Field Relief Nose Piece attaches easily to any fly mask within the Field Relief Range.

  • With 1 year product guarantee
  • Over 70% UV protection
  • Designed with a simple hook and loop attachment

Like people, every horse has a different shaped head and their own preferences for what they find comfortable. When it comes to fly masks, some need their muzzle protecting or have sensitive ears, while others might need as little on their face as possible.

The Field Relief® range has always offered comfortable, well-fitting fly masks to meet horse (and owner) preferences. However, Equilibrium Products is now giving even more choice by releasing two new products which can be used with any of the current Field Relief® range.

The new Field Relief® Muzzle Fringe is perfect for those who don’t need UV protection over the muzzle, but still need relief from the flies. Even better, it attaches to any fly mask within the current Field Relief® range with a simple hook and loop attachment. Made in just one size and cut to length and width for the perfect fit. For others who need UV protection, the Field Relief® Nosepiece will do the job. The Nosepiece attaches to any mask within the Field Relief® range using a simple hook and loop attachment and provides over 70% UV protection.

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