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Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Rug

The perfect fly rug to help protect your horse from sun, dirt and those pesky flies this summer!

  • Purposefully coloured yellow mesh to help repel flies*
  • UV protection to help reduce bleaching from the sun
  • Lightweight mesh keeps horses cool on warmer days
  • Adjustable straps on the neck with a stretch hood over the ears
  • Anti-rub lining on the neck, withers and chest
  • Male and female clips on the chest for ease
  • Belly flap with adjustable straps
  • Long tail flap with plastic covered fillet string for easy cleaning

*University of Florida

Our inspiration for the new Field Relief Fly Rug is down to research that has shown that the colour yellow tends to repel flies*. The Field Relief Fly Rug has yellow coloured mesh with orange and black binding, and fits in seamlessly with our new and updated Field Relief Fly Masks to keep your horse protected from sun, dirt  and those pesky flies from the tips of their noses all the way to their tails!

Features of the Field Relief Fly Rug:

The neck of the rug features a number of adjustable straps, as well as a stretch hood fitting perfectly over the ears with elasticated straps, to allow your horse to have the freedom to move his head and graze without restriction.

As horses tend to move a lot in the field as they graze, we have incorporated anti-rub lining down the neck, over the withers and on the chest to help prevent rubbing. The Field Relief Fly Rug is quick and easy to put on and off with male and female clips on the chest.

The belly flap extends of the majority of horse’s midsection, keeping this fly free and if you own a grey or coloured horse, it helps keep them clean too! With three adjustable sliders on each side, the belly flap can be altered to fit a wide range of horses.

The yellow mesh not only helps keep those pesky flies away, but it also provides UV protection, helping to prevent bleaching from the sun which can be extremely useful for those darker coloured horses in the summer months. The Field Relief Fly Rug is comfortable for horses to wear all day (or night) with it’s lightweight and breathable mesh.

The Field Relief Fly Rug features a long tail flap with a plastic covered fillet string, allowing the rug to be put on and taken off quickly and easily. The fillet string can be taken off using the clips, and because of the plastic cover, it’s easy to wash and more hygienic than traditional string.

*University of Florida 

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