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Net Relief Muzzle Net horse nose net for Grackle Bridles

The innovative Net Relief Muzzle Net was the first product we developed back in 2001, and is now available to fit Grackle Bridles. This simple horse nose net for Grackle Bridles continues to make a difference to horses’ lives, helping to alleviate the symptoms of headshaking.

Unlike traditional nets that cover the whole muzzle, the Net Relief Muzzle Net for Grackle Bridles features a shaped design that covers only the top half of the muzzle. Once fitted it is unobtrusive and allows saliva to escape from the mouth freely. It also does not interfere with the horses breathing and can remain on the bridle at all times and places no restriction on the type of bit used.

Fully Adjustable and shaped to fit the crossover shape of Grackle Bridles, the Net Relief Muzzle Net for Grackle attaches to the noseband via hook and loop straps, which allows it to be adjusted up or down, and tailored to every horse. The Nets are easy to replace and refills are available in the pack.

The results of ‘Net Relief’ in Clinical Trials at De Montfort University in the UK were outstanding:
79% of the animals experienced an improvement in symptoms
84% of respondents said Net Relief was easy to use.
88% of respondents said Net Relief had an attractive appearance on the horse.

British Dressage and British Eventing* permit the muzzle net to be used in competition meaning that headshaking horses and ponies can perform at their true potential.

(*Always check the relevant rule book for details)

We are happy to help. If you have a head shaker or have a question about headshaking, please contact us.

** PICK YOUR OWN SIZE/COLOUR COMBINATION ** Colour variations and additional sizes for Nose Band/replacement Muzzle Nets are available.

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