Fair Price Equestrian | Equilibrium Simplysunshine


Size:  1.5Kg


Super Concentrated Horse Feed Balancer

This unique blend of vitamins and minerals has been made into a handy pellet form to add to horse feed and easily see that it’s been eaten or simply feed from the hand at any time.

Suitable for all horses & ponies to help support a balanced diet & promote radiance & shine all year round. A convenient way to help provide missing nutrients for:

  • All horses as a top up their diet
  • Good doers on a restricted diet
  • Horses & ponies prone to laminitis, due to low sugar and starch content
  • Horses on cereal or forage based diets
  • Horses stabled for prolonged periods
  • When access to sunlight is curtailed by rugs or poor weather
  • When your horse loses condition
  • Horse & ponies on poor grass or limited grazing

Feeding Guidelines 

Available in 1.5kg bags

50 day – 30g serving for a horse
100 day – 15g serving for a pony

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