Fair Price Equestrian | Equilibrium Therapy Hot & Cold Packs




Re-usable packs for hot or cold therapy, which easily attach to the lining of the Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Range (see tab below for more details).

  • Use Cold Therapy for strains, sprains, bumps, bruises and post exercise. 
  • Use Hot Therapy for relaxation, muscle spasm, joint stiffness and to warm up prior to exercise.
  • Use Combined Therapy for muscle tension or discomfort.

Contains 2 x Hot/Cold Packs and Pouches.

Ice and hot pack for use with your Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps or Back Pad  or under bandages.

Cold packs are ideal for use after strenuous exercise such as upon completion of your cross country, show jumping or dressage.

Hot packs are ideal for warming up muscles before exercise.

Perfect for supporting and managing injuries.

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