Fair Price Equestrian | Freejump Soft Up Lite Stirrups




The Freejump SOFT'UP LITE are designed for young champions 

Designed for the young champions the new Soft'Up Lite does not have a weight limit but has a smaller footbed than the Soft'up pro of 10.7cm which means they will be suitable for up to shoe size UK 6.5 EU40, the SOFT’UP LITE is a single-branch stirrups reduced in size directly inspired from the SOFT’UP PRO.

With the same flexible outer branch system which helps to free the foot in case of a fall, the SOFT’UP LITE is 100% injected with elastan molded fiberglass loaded with polyacrylamide.

The 10.7cm tread width fits soles not exceeding 10.2cm (in average shoe size up to EU40 / UK6.5

The SOFT'UP LITE is available in Black, chocolate, blue, red, pink and the new Iron Matte. The new Soft'up Lite can be customised with a range of optional pins which screw into the side.  All Soft'Up Lites come with black pins as standard but a range of colours are available to purchase separately 

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