Fair Price Equestrian | Kentucky 0g Stable Rug




Kentucky 0g Stable Rug

The stable rug 0g is soft on the inside and strong on the outside to protect your horse all year long.
  • For colder summer nights
  • Can serve as an under rug during winter
  • 600D polyester
  • Artificial rabbit skin lining
  • Perfect fitting on the horse 


What’s special


The stable rug can be used in summer on colder nights or in between seasons . During winter, the rug is perfect as an under rug thanks to the artificial rabbit skin lining or for horses that are not clipped.

Fabrics & materials

The square quilted outer fabric in 600D polyester is very resistant to tearing. This rug does not contain any filling, however, the artificial rabbit skin creates tiny air pockets that trap and retains the horse’s body heath. Thanks to this artificial rabbit skin lining, the rug stays in place after rolling. The artificial rabbit skin also prevents rubbing and gives the horse a shiny coat.

Shape & size

Thanks to the thoughtful shape, the rug has a better fitting on the horse. The rug closes with 2 front buckles and 2 surcingles. The buckles are stainless steel and can hold up to 1500N. The withers are protected by our popular artificial sheepskin.


125-5’9 / 130-6’0 / 140-6’3 / 145-6’6 / 155-6’9 / 160-7’0


Care guide

Shavings can be easily brushed off the rug

To clean you can simply wash the rug at 30 degrees in the washing machine. To dry, simply hang outside on a sunny day.



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