Fair Price Equestrian | Kentucky Long Stone & Pearl Soundless Fly Veil




Kentucky Long Stone & Pearl Soundless Fly Veil

Our Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearl offers all Kentucky Horse wear’s expertise. The long shape offers the possibility to tie it up to the noseband. This fly veil is hand knitted for better durability, topped off with stones & pearls in the same colour as the fly veil. The Fly Veil Stone & Pearl protects the horse’s ears against flies and sound while riding. The material around the ears is stretch and slim fit. The soundproof ears don’t slide off and offer a perfect fit as they are a little bit thinner. They remain equally soundproof. Therefore, the horse doesn’t get distracted by noise. The neck part is longer so it can’t slip. The Fly Veil Stone & Pearl does not have a visible logo, therefore rider or sponsors can embroider their own logo. Hand washing only.


  • Fly protection
  • Soundproof ears
  • Pearls & stones topping off
  • Quality knitting by hand
  • Extended neck piece to prevent the fly veil from slipping


  • Full

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