Fair Price Equestrian | Kentucky Relax Horse Toy Alpaca




Kentucky Relax Horse Toy Alpaca

This Relax Horse Toy Alpaca will become your horse’s best friend in no time! Made out of a soft natural cotton, it is perfectly safe to put into your horse’s stall if he tends to get bored. Our cotton is GOTS certified, which means the fibres used are ecologic and fair for the producers. The inside of this toy is filled with a plastic bottle that you can easily replace thanks to the Velcro closure. It produces a cracking plastic sound when you put pressure on the toy’s belly or head: make sure your horse will be intrigued and amused! The Relax Horse Toy Alpaca should be hand washed –do not place it in the washing machine. As the toy is really meant for playing and having fun, it is possible that your horse tears it.


  • Ideal stable buddy
  • Prevents boredom
  • Soft natural fabric
  • 100% GOTS certified cotton
  • Replaceable inside

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