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ProTouch Dry-Tex Waterproof Riding Glove


A genuine 100% waterproof warm riding glove that isn't too bulky. The three-way structure is made up of a Thinsulate inner lining which retains the hands warmth whilst allowing moisture to pass through, keeping the hand sweat free. A Dry-Tex waterproof middle membrane is breathable but will not permit larger water particles to pass through. Finally the outer layer is made from a durable soft-shell fabric reinforced by silicone grip where the reins pass over the fingers.


All in all a very functional and comfortable glove that can be used for many months of the year. Dry-Tex PU membrane solves problems of conventional waterproof films that sweat when body heat and moisture meet. Unique structured Polyurethane fabric utilises evaporation allowing microscopic steam particles to pass through whilst retaining waterproof barrier. Dry-Tex has 9 billion micropores (00.1-3μ) per square inch giving it incredible permeation and breathability

Info & Care

LeMieux Care Instructions


  • Hand wash in cool water
  • Allow to air dry naturally away from heat source
  • Do not tumble dry

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