Fair Price Equestrian | Montar Customised Patent Brown/White Ergonomic Diamante Bridle 66007-8




A special customized bridle with a brown/white Mighty crystal browband that will give you a classy look. This bridle is combined together with our round-leathered single pieces to create a perfect and exclusive design. You can customize the bridle even further with the detachable flashstrap. The loop can be completely removed, by pushing it between the padding and top leather. The Montar adapt headpiece with round throatlash and adjustable strap makes it easy to adjust the headpiece so it fits perfectly to your horse. The headpiece is ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of your horse. All outer loops are lined with rubber, so you never have to bother with loose straps while riding. Feel the difference.

  • Ergonomic adapt headpiece with round throatlash
  • With detachable flashstrap and holder
  • Strap holders with silicone grip
  • Ecological tanned leather
  • Reduces the risk of skin irritations
  • Extra soft leather
  • Long lasting 

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