Fair Price Equestrian | Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt 8093-E PONY

Fair Price Equestrian

4.5" / 10mm


Need to promote a true consistent contact or have problems with lips rubbing?

If your pony is tentative into the contact (inconsistent), the NS Tranz Eggbutt offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the pony’s confidence encouraging it to seek the bit, taking the rein forwards. Very beneficial for short tense necks and excellent for directional control. Unlike traditional Eggbutt designs, combining this NS cheek and NS Tranz mouthpiece, feel and response is not lost and the pony is far less likely to lean and fix against the hand. This neat lightweight bit is popular as a snaffle under saddle or for showing in hand.

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