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Neue Schule Turtle Top With Flex Nelson 7023-NG-TT

The Neue Schule flex design concept is engineered to deliver a guaranteed and optimised alignment of the mouthpiece with the sensitive surfaces of the equine mouth, resulting in enhanced bit stability

The carefully profiled surfaces and component angles translate into many great improvements in comfort and communication that deliver performance enhancements for the horse and rider.
The turtle top naturally sits further back in the mouth negating the temptation to over-tighten the cheekpieces. The resulting improvement in bit positioning delivers greater clarity through the rein aids and eliminates extra pressure in the commisures and poll.
With the cannons having restricted upward movement chomping and chewing is discouraged helping to prevent damage to the tooth enamel 
The unique flattened shape of the underside of the cannons combined with the horizontally positioned loops on the tongue provides a naturally large weight bearing surface. This provides comfortable low tongue pressure whilst taking up less room than the old idea of using a thicker bit. Feel and responsiveness are enhanced.
The turtle top link fits comfortably under the palatine arch and cannot strike up into the upper palate. This reduces the likelihood of the horse opening its mouth thus reducing the need for a flash noseband or other restraint
The mouthpiece is designed to sit centred and arched over the tongue safely helping to prevent sideways tongue evasions.
The stable and comfortable turtle top mouthpiece re-focuses the inattentive mouth back onto the rein aids in order to achieve a soft consistent contact. It is effectively designed to help those horses that have difficulty flexing and rounding themselves over the bit, in order to achieve a true and correct outline. Ideal for the busy, over-active mouth. 
All neue schule mouthpieces are manufactured from the unique salox fold. The high thermal conductivity and softness combined with the strength of salox gold promotes relaxed acceptance and focuses the horse on the rein aids as opposed to the presence of the bit within the mouth.
The turtle top flex with loose ring is the uncomplicated tried and trusted cheekpiece. No matter what your rein tension, the flex mouthpiece when combined with the loose ring cheek ensures alignment to the mouth remains unchanged.

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