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Roeckl Maryland Gloves

Ride with pride and show your colours

"Showing your colours" is even more fun with ROECKL’s top-quality Nation glove MARYLAND. Sporting the flags of Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA, this competition model is available in classy white for tournaments, in cool navy (perfectly matching the UK and US flags) or in black, an ideal match with the German flag. A premium detail is the fact that the flags on the easy-closure fasteners are made completely from sparkling Swarovski crystals. But besides the awesome look, functionality and performance naturally also feature highly. Thanks to the exclusive highly breathable, stretchy, and smooth ROECK-GRIP® material on the back of the hand, the MARYLAND fits like a second skin. And the airy, lightweight Italian Micro Mesh insert provides for even more elasticity and a better fit. On the palm, ROECK-GRIP® excels as a thin, extremely non-slip fabric that enables a firm yet extremely sensitive connection with the horse’s mouth. By the way, all the fingers of this highlight glove for very demanding riders are TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE, allowing for convenient smartphone use without having to take off the glove.


  • ROECK-GRIP®, Micro Mesh




  • Easy closure
  • Swarovski Crystal Fabric
  • Touchscreen Compatible 

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