Fair Price Equestrian | Equilibrium Simplyboost ELECTROLYTE


Size:  500ml


Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Supplement

With natural mint flavour, Simplyboost ELECTROLYTE supplement can be added to normal feed, a handful of Simplyboost or a munch block.

Simplyboost ELECTROLYTE supplement for horses can be added to their feed to replace lost salts after strenuous effort or when horses sweat. Use:

  • all year round, whenever your horse works hard
  • before and/or after competition
  • before, during and after travelling
  • before and during moderate to intense work
  • if your horse is on a restricted or low forage diet

Composition:  Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Dextrose

Analytical Constituents:      Crude Protein    <0.1%

Crude Oil          <0.1%

Crude Fibre       <0.1%

Crude Ash         28.7%

Sodium             8.2%

Potassium         4.0%

Chloride            18.8%

Magnesium       1.0%

Moisture           62.0%

simplyboost ELECTROLYTE can be used on its own or with other Simplyboost varients to create tailored vitamin support for your horse.

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