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Uvex Sportstyle Kids Riding Gloves

Performance for the kids

Bright colours, classic design, high functionality: the new Uvex sport style kid riding glove is in no way inferior to the adult models, but sure to be much more fun, thanks to the trendy colours!

The anti-slip material provides an ideal grip on the reins, extra stretch inserts guarantee an excellent flexibility and wearing comfort. The colour variants are coordinated to match Uvex’ onyx series of children helmets – an optimal and absolutely eye-catching combination for young trendsetters in the saddle.

The Uvex sport style kid is a highly elastic glove made from non-slip PU material. It is characterised by durability and a good wearing comfort with the non-slip and abrasion-resistant material providing for a reliable grip on the reins. The design follows that of an adult glove: a practical Velcro closure with logo makes it easy to put the glove on and take it off. In addition, Uvex riding gloves are characterised by their active moisture management and a good fit and flexibility for the fingers.

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