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Veredus Carbon Gel XPRO Tendon Boot

 By Marcus Ehning

The Carbon Gel XPro boots from Veredus are an anatomically-shaped boot that provides greater freedom of movement at the knee and fetlock. Its unique shape guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's limb.

The shell consists of two distinct parts with different density and rigidity. The main shell is a flexible and extremely strong polyurethane mixture that provides excellent protection against abrasion, deterioration and the multiple stresses caused by the activities of sport horses. It also maintains its elasto-mechanical properties at a wide range in temperatures (–15 °C to +50 °C) without variations of rigidity and flexibility.

In the back of the tendon boot, where the flexor tendon is found there is extra protection provided by an “X” made of an even more robust and rigid protective polyurethane mixture containing carbon. The special rear carbon “X” which is extremely strong, protective, light and shock-absorbing is internally covered with a 3-mm film of gel that gives exceptional protective, shock-absorption and comfort features.

The carbon gives an impenetrable barrier against any type of strike providing absolute protection for the suspensory tendon, a part particularly exposed to being hit by the shoes of the rear limbs. The shock-absorbing properties of the polyurethane gel reduce the transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%. Not only is the rear of the leg where the tendons lie protected, but there is Carbon protection for the fetlock. An insertion of a thin carbon plate inside the boot that covers the fetlock ensures protection to the area that is subject to continuous micro-traumas and shocks.

Additional protection is also given to the knees as the boot features an extension of polyester film in the lower part of the knee. This is particularly suitable for horses that tend to strike the area below the knee of the opposite leg with a shoe. This prevents dangerous bruising and abrasions that can occur during workouts or in competition.

Soft, adjustable elastic straps provide perfect closure on all shapes and sizes of shin, eliminating problems caused by too tight a fit or excessive pressure. The special elastomers used in the straps maintain constant tension over time and don't change their elasticity when wet.

FLEXTAN tips on a stainless steel clasp allow extremely fast hooking and unhooking, even with just one hand. Unlike leather straps whose holes become deformed after a few applications the BLACK VEREDUS LINE tips are guaranteed and tested for 5,000 hooking/unhooking cycles without undergoing any variation.

Unlike Velcro straps, which lose their hold over time and can become unreliable, straps with BLACK VEREDUS LINE tips are not subject to wear and provide the maximum security and reliability.

Certified Protection. Protection tested and certified by RCT Rico TEST.

Sizes: M (Full) and L (X-Full)

Colour: Black


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