Fair Price Equestrian | Veredus Magnetik 4 Hours Stable Boot Front or Rear




Veredus Magnetik 4 Hours Stable Boot

The Device with Magnetotherapy Action

Therapeutic device with 40 neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2400Gauss each, distributed at the flexor and extensor tendons, fetlock and bulbs.

Made with a breathable “Aerox” material, lined and trimmed in Lycra, it guarantees the optimum temperature of the leg, thereby reducing overheating of the tendon system.

  • Reduces pain and  swelling.
  • Stimulates the flow of blood.
  • Speeds up the elimination of toxins.
  • Speeds up the regenerative processes.
  • Prepares muscles and tendons to the effort

 What Is Magnetotherapy?

Magnetotherapy is a medical method that treats several pathologies in man and animals, exploiting magnetic fields.

The magnetic fields favour and facilitate lymphatic and blood microcirculation, the change and use of nutrient substances by the cells, the natural biological defence system and the elimination of metabolic waste matter.

Moreover, the magnetic fields provide significant benefits in all inflammatory processes which are often accompanied by pain. The benefit is obtained through a reduction of the inflammatory process and, at the same time, an analgesic action with respect to the tissue nerve fibres.



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