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Veredus Olympus Fetlock Boots

Double Density with EVA Foam Extra Protection

An absolutely innovative knuckle boot characterised by a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse’s limb. A small EVA FOAM pad inserted in the shell provides the maximum protection at the fetlock, an area at particular risk of injury and bruising. A quick closure with adjustable elastic straps makes the Olympus knuckle boot extremely practical to put on and remove.

• Anatomically shaped shell: Its anatomical shape guarantees maximum comfort and perfect positioning of the knuckle boot on the horse’s limb.
• Fetlock protected by EVA FOAM: In the side of the knuckle boot, corresponding to the fetlock, there is an extra, highly protective EVA FOAM.
• Elastic straps: Soft, adjustable elastic straps provide perfect closure on all sizes of shin, eliminating all problems caused by too tight a fit or excessive pressure. The special elastomers used in the straps maintain constant tension over time and don’t change their elasticity when wet.
 Quick release tip: Undeformable FLEXTAN tips on a stainless steel clasp allow extremely fast hooking and unhooking, even with just one hand.


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