Fair Price Equestrian | Freejump SOFT'UP PRO Stirrups


£200.00 £230.00
Colour:  Navy


Who needs ordinary stirrups when you can have Freejump stirrups - a revolutionary invention? Designed to place your feet in the optimum position, they are also quick-release to avoid getting your foot trapped in a fall. Plus, they're available in a range of stunning colours to match the rest of your outfit.

The flexible outside branch of these coloured stirrups is made from Elastollen and helps to ensure that the rider's foot is released in the event of a fall. The tempered spring steel single-branch offers extra high mechanical resistance (1200MPa).

Meanwhile, the extra-wide non-slip removable tread made from Ixef® 1022 (fibreglass loaded polyarylamide) with an exclusive LOOK CYCLE® technology nonslip studded tread surface provides comfort and a stable foot position.

The branch is located at the front of the tread to provide a natural slope, and the rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge offers enhanced lateral stability.

The open eye allows easy fastening to the stirrup leathers, and allows quick changing of stirrups between saddles. It is set at a 45-degree angle, allowing the stirrups to hang perfectly from the leathers.

Free Jump Stirrups are available in black, red, blue, chocolate, orange, pink, vanilla, Bordeaux or Choco. One size only.

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