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LubriSyn is easily absorbed by the body. Thick and viscous, it's very close in texture to joint fluid itself. It is a clear liquid, which indicates that the HA molecule has not broken down.
HA introduced from outside the body only remains for 36-48 hours. That’s why it’s important to use LubriSyn HA daily.
HA occurs naturally in liquid form. Powdered HA, used in some supplements, is not in its natural state and is not readily absorbed. It can also be contaminated by Glucosamine & Chondrotin
LubriSyn, as a liquid, is naturally absorbed by membranes in the mouth and throat. A daily dose is your best bet for fast, consistent joint fluid support.
LubriSyn provides the high molecular weight that is the most effective.
In a recent Journal of Applied Nutrition article, “Will the Real HA Please Stand Up?” the researchers state: “In essence, bigger is better for health benefits from HA. Only one type of HA matches what is normally present in the body – high molecular weight, purified (protein-free) HA.”
Only one joint supplement provides this - LubriSyn - with HA weighing in at 2.4 million daltons and all protein free. Early HA supplements were derived from protein-containing animal sources
The researchers also noted: “One prerequisite for any beneficial effects from HA in dietary supplement products is uptake into bloodstream and joint tissues after oral intake. Only one type, purified HA, has published evidence of oral absorption.”
The HA in LubriSyn, as recommended in the Journal, is “purified, high molecular weight HA from a microbial fermentation source” with no protein contamination, produced in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical facility.
Quality and safety are LunriSyn's highest commitments to you - especially when it's being given to high value competition horses.

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