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Neue Schule Slimma Swales Pelham 80157SP

The Neue Schule Slimma Swales Pelham Horse Bit is very popular on show cobs which have a tendency to set, lean and go! The Swales Pelham is the only Pelham to remove poll pressure and increase curb action. This clever design is brilliant to combat strong, rude horses and/or those with a tendency to lean/snatch down.

Many horses overbend in other Pelhams owing to the poll pressure however with the Neue Schule Swales Pelham, lightness and outline is established and any tendency to overbend is usually eradicated.

The tongue bridge arches over the tongue profiling under the upper palate. Excellent for use on a horse that fully understands the aids by a rider with good hands. The 14mm normally offers extra lift from the shoulder and takes up less room in the mouth than thicker mouthpieces 

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