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Neue Schule



Neue Schule Starter Bit

14mm DL, available in sizes 5" - 6" in 1/4"increments.

Dressage Legal
The Neue Schule Salox is Neue Schule’s unique composition - This is a warmer softer metal with a very high copper content and Neue Schule additive to maximise on oxidation (Nickel Free). This promotes salivation, mouthing, acceptance and harmony. Many horses that have previously only been bittable in rubber or nylon have proven extremely comfortable in the Neue Schule Salox. All bits in the Neue Schule Collection have high
density stainless steel rings, cheeks, etc., for appearance and durability.

The Action of the Loose Ring
The most popular - the loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed butt or cheek. It discourages fixing, blocking and leaning and encourages mouthing. It allows the mouthpiece more movement so that it may follow the angle of the tongue because the angle of the poll and the horse’s overall outline changes through different work etc..
This mouthpiece is designed specifically for starting babies. The Neue Schule training lozenge is not too rotund or long so it will not cause excessive pressure in the centre of the tongue or break too near the tongues sensitive outer edges. The lozenge will align at 90 degrees to the vertical when a contact is taken - this will offer a smooth weight bearing surface over the tongue. The angle joining the lozenge, combined with the shape of the Demi Anky arms give extensive tongue relief it will not force the tongues sensitive outer edges onto the teeth. The arms are slightly proud down towards the bar offering a more comfortable, even weight bearing surface. The end of the mouthpiece towards the bit ring curves away from the lip prohibiting any chafing or rubbing in that area whilst not lessening the aid for turning. The Starter mouthpiece is designed for comfort, encouraging the baby to seek forward and down into the contact. The central lozenge gently stimulates the tongue promoting mouthing and salivation whilst the comfort factor deters overactivity which may lead to tongue evasions such as drawing the tongue back, getting the tongue over the bit, etc..

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