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Neue Schule Verbindend Universal 9011U

16mmThe Neue Schule Salox is Neue Schule’s unique composition - This is a warmer softer metal with a very high copper content and Neue Schule additive to maximise on oxidation (Nickel Free). This promotes salivation, mouthing, acceptance and harmony. Many horses that have previously only been bittable in rubber or nylon have proven extremely comfortable in the Neue Schule Salox. All bits in the Neue Schule Collection have high density stainless steel rings, cheeks, etc., for appearance and durability.
Usually sourced when a true, consistent contact has already been established Patented, unique bit exclusive to the Neue Schule Collection. The 20 degree Tranz angled lozenge stimulates more feel in the centre of the tongue enabling a more precise aid to be given thus promoting a higher level of responsiveness. The 20 degree angle of the Tranz will give the rider a more finite connection but will not abuse or desensitize the tongue nor will it squeeze the tongues sensitive outer edges forcing them down onto the teeth. The Tranz lozenge, combined with the curved Demi Anky arms subtly connects the pressure points required to encourage the horse to soften and relax through the jaw and topline promoting the throughness needed for sustained, harmonious movement. This mouthpiece is also useful for the larger tongue and lower palate as it rolls further forward within the mouth when a contact is taken.
The Action of the Universal
Any extension above the mouthpiece will cause poll pressure (head lowering), any extension below the mouthpiece will give leverage (head raising). When the two are combined this is generally referred to as a gag action. The Universal is one of my personal favourites. The gag action is not excessive and even strong horses generally appreciate this and respond as opposed to fighting it.
The cheeks are always attached to the small offset ring at the top - the top ring is angled very cleverly in order to avoid excessive cheek pressure.


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