Fair Price Equestrian | Horsehealth Vitamin E & Selenium Vitamins & Minerals


Size:  2kg


Palatable anti-oxidant powder supplying bio-available Vitamin E & Selenium promoting muscular health and performance. Helpfull to breeding stock as well as competition horses in hard work.

Combination of Vitamin E & Selenium helps promote overall muscle health and optimum muscle performance.
Helps promote stamina and aids maintenance & repair of muscle tissue. Encourages good muscle function.
Vitamin E  helps to maintain a more consistent breeding performance in bloodstock

Vitamin E & Selenium does not contain any substances that contravene current Jockey Club or F.E.I rules.

A complimentary feedstuff for horses. Do not use with animals intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Important: intake of supplemental Selenium should not exceed 0.1mg per kg on a complete ration basis. Do not exceed stated quantity.

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